Los Angeles To Add Another NFL Team Because The Rams Just Aren’t Cutting The Mustard

In 2015, the city of Los Angeles had no NFL teams.

In 2016, the city gained one team after the Rams left St. Louis.

In 2017, the city just announced they will bring in another.

I don’t think many people expected this one. Well maybe they did, but not on a random Wednesday. We’ve all heard rumors of either the Chargers or the Raiders leaving the places they call home (San Diego and Oakland, respectively) but it looks like the Chargersis first as they just announced they’re leaving San Diego. I wonder how Ron Burgandy feels about this?


Welp, it’s true. And in my opinion this is just a dumpster fire waiting to happen. L.A. doesn’t give a shit about the Rams, who relocated to the city in 2016, and now add the Chargers into the mix? Now there’s two teams for the glamorous city not to give a shit about.

However, the Rams 4-12 record probably didn’t do justice in rejuvenating a city’s spirit. The only thing that could be cool about this is a possible Rams vs. Chargers local rivalry, but they are both trash so forget I even said that.

If I was a Chargers fan would I still support them even though they just left my city? Hell no. Los Angeles isn’t even that far away, but a sports team represents your city and its values and thepeople and it’s something to be proud of. It won’t be the same for the fans and it’s sad to see San Diego erased from the NFL map.

I’m calling it now, Oakland is next. If we’re being realistic, the Oakland Raiders will most likely move to Las Vegas to join the new NHL team the Golden Knights.

Don’t worry though, fans of San Diego, there’s always the Padres and some good ole San Diego Gulls hockey for you to spend your hard earned money on now….right?



For the first two seasons in Los Angeles, the Chargers will share a home at the StubHub Center where the LA Galaxy already reside. This just shows how shitty of a move this is. An NFL football team playing in a soccer stadium. The StubHub Center holds 27,000 fans and I’m not even sure if the Chargers will be able to attract that many people to their home games.

Personally I like soccer WAY more than I like football. If you’re a soccer fan such as myself, you can only feel bad for the LA Galaxy here. That field is going to be absolutely torn apart over the course of those seasons where they share the pitch.

What could this move possibly mean for the LA Galaxy now? Only time will tell.



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