There’s A Coloring Book Of Popular Memes Because Of Course There Is

In the past 365 days we watched a crazy election unfold, mourned the death of a beloved gorilla, and countless other things that made 2016, well, 2016. Even though we’ve put all those unfortunate events in the past, we still need to talk about one good thing that came out of it…

A meme coloring book.

Jason Wong, a popular Twitter user and meme generator himself, has created a 16 page adult coloring book titled the ‘Holy Meme Bible.’


Inside, you will find the most popular memes from 2016 waiting for you to color. There’s everything from Arthur’s tightly closed fist, to Spongebob wearing only a piece of cloth to hide his junk, to the unanswered question meme, how do dogs wear pants?


There’s a good chance you have already forgotten a few of the funny ones from this year because there were so many.

Mazes, connect the dots and word searches are also included, so we can conclude that this book has it all to combine the nostalgia of coloring books with the meme culture we’ve all grown to love.

Wong even added an introduction page, which dedicates the book to “the shit-posters and meme lovers of the world. Thank you for creating and spreading terribly-made jokes every day.”

The coloring books are being sold for $8 online from the Holy Meme Bible’s official website, so needless to say it’s a pretty sweet deal for anyone who loves a good meme.

Side note: just check out the website in general. It’s just as funny as the memes.

The creator said he’d like to publish a book like this annually, so we can all look forward to what dank memes 2017 will bring.



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