Is “Paris” One Of The Top 5 Songs By The Chainsmokers?

The chart-topping DJ duo,The Chainsmokers have been taking the music scene by storm. No matter the song, the pair of New York natives, Drew Taggart and Alex Pall, have been rolling out hit after hit for the past four years. There is definitely a certain stereotype that comes along with the EDM crowd that can turn people away, but even my Beach Boys-loving mom can jam the fuck out to The Chainsmokers.

Following the path that these guys have been on is awesome to watch. Especially for myself, since Drew Taggart is apart of the wide list of celebrities that I am brothers with through being a brother of the Sigma Chi Fraternity. IHSV Drew.

This morning, the Grammy nominated duo dropped a new song titled “Paris” even though their previous double platinum hit “Closer,” is still stuck in everyone’s head whether they like it or not.

It definitely has a different vibe compared to the rest of their songs. There isn’t much of a EDM drop in an effort to make it a more relaxed, makingit more along the lines of a pop than dance. Just like in “Closer,” Drew Taggart absolutely kills the vocals. For sure expect this to be playing on the radio across America very soon.

Alexis Ren being in the music video is also always a plus in my book.

In light of this new release, where does Paris rank among past songs by The Chainsmokers? It’s such a unique sound that we haven’t heard these guys attempt before. Can it possibly beat out the likes of “Closer,” “Don’t Let Me Down,” and more?

After listening to every song that they have released so far in their career, here are my top five songs by The Chainsmokers. (Remixes of other songs don’t count, only songs they have made themselves)

5. Roses, 2015

4. Closer, 2016

3. Don’t Let Me Down, 2016

2. Setting Fires, 2016

1. Until You Were Gone, 2015

There they are. I know putting arguably one of the hottest songs of 2016 at number 4 is an interesting move but it totally believe that the 3 songs I placed above it are better, at least from my perspective.

“Paris” didn’t make the cut but hopefully it will grow on me and rise up my list because I will 100% be listening to it all year long.



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