Girl Held At Gunpoint, Refuses To Give Up Chicken Nuggets

Question: If someone pointed a gun at you, giving the option to either save either yourself or the chicken nuggets in your hand, which one would you chose?

Answer: The chicken nuggets, obviously.

This may seem like a weird hypothetical situation to some, but this was a reality for a 13-year old girl last week in Harlem.

While police are protecting her identity, they reported that she was enjoying her chicken nuggets at the McDonald’s on E. 103rd and 3rd, when a fellow classmate asked if he could have one of her nuggets. When she said she didn’t want to share, things escalated very quickly…

The 12-year old boy followed the girl for 20 minutes into the 6 train subway station that afternoon. Once they were both on the train, he allegedly whipped out a gun and put it to her head demanding for her to share the nuggets.

The girl reportedly wasn’t phased at all by the weapon in his hand. The police said she simply hit the gun out of his hand and refused to give him a single nugget.


The girl reported the incident and he was arrested for attempted robbery. However, he is being charged as a juvenile since, you know, he’s only 12.

Man, what was I doing when I was 12? Not that.



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