This Retro Camper Is Everything You’ve Ever Wanted And Then Some

Imagine having a full tank of gas, a car full of close friends with the radio blasting, and nothing but the open road in front of you.

Yes, road trips are awesome…right up until someone gets uncomfortable in the back seat because they have their backpack at their feet, someone needs to pee out of sync with the rest of the group, or the driver just wants some peace and quiet for ten minutes because their friends are much more distracting than they realized.


But now there is a hot new van on the market that fixes all those issues. You can turn your road trip into an unforgettable (and pleasant) adventure with the all-new Happier Camper.

After five years of design and development, the Happier Camper has hit the market and changed the game of road tripping as we know it. Inside the camper, everything is built to be adjustable to the patron’s ever-changing desire. It can turn from a bed to a living room to a pop-up office with ease. Also, its retro design is guaranteed to look stellar on your Instagram feed.

Although the camper is small, the area inside can sleep up to five people. The trailer can be emptied completely to make more room, so don’t be afraid to invite some friends or family members for a quick (actually, probably a very long) drive because they’ll all fit.

It seems though that it is ideally made for two.


But what about the logistics? Water? Cooking? No worries, there’s a solar-powered battery for all of your devices as well as a water faucet system for all of your basic needs. As for the bathroom, well, that’s what the wilderness is for (or McDonalds).

The downside? Only 65 were made in 2016, and they are sold out of Los Angeles, CA. So if you want one elsewhere in the USA, you’ll need to pay in the ballpark of $1,000 for shipping.

The cost of the camper starts at roughly $16,000, with additional features running it up to $24,000. But hey, that’s less than the price of my college tuition or a year’s rent for an apartment. So I guess I’ll buy one of these bad boys and just start living in a van down by the river.




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