The Girl Too Dangerous For Prison – “The Ice Cream Killer”

There has been the Lipstick Killer, the Giggling Granny, the Big Eared Midget, and now Estibaliz Carranza will be the newest addition to the list of comical serial killer names.


The 38-year-old from Austria has earned her new nickname “The Ice Cream Killer” by doing some brutal things within the compounds of her ice cream shop. Although she may seem tempting, like our world’s favorite dessert, you don’t want to mess with this bitch.


According to the New York Post, in 2008, Carranza shot her husband in the back of the head with a .22 caliber handgun while he was playing video games because they divorced and he wouldn’t leave the house. Then in 2010, she shot her boyfriend in the back of the head several times due to his infidelity.

After killing these two men, she dismembered them with a chainsaw and hid their bodies in ice cream tubs filled with concrete, which she put in her shop’s freezer. When the deed was done, she hung up some air fresheners like any good store owner so her customers wouldn’t smell the rotting bodies.


In a memoir written by Carranza in prison, “My Two Lives, The True Story of the Ice Lady,” she explained that she took both shooting classes and concrete mixing classes in prep of hiding the bodies. She also noted that chainsawing people is “much bloodier” than it appears in movies.

In 2011, plumbers ultimately discovered the bodies while repairing her store. In an attempt to escape authorities, she went on the run to Italy but was shortly captured in a matter of days.


She was sentenced to life in prison in 2012, and while she was sentenced she was already two months pregnant with a third man, who she has since married in prison. While that love story was blooming, she was deemed too dangerous for her initial prison and was recently moved to an all-male prison in Austria.

The court psychologist Heidi Kastner testified during Carranza’s trial that she was fully accountable for her grisly actions and had a high chance of relapse. She said at the time that therapy would most likely not work for her.

And now she has a new home with 91 male prisoners, aka soon to be victims. The inmates are allowed to cook meals together, walk around the grounds of the facility however they please, and even watch TV whenever they want.

I would be so damn pissed if I put in all that work to kill two people hide it for YEARS only to forever be known as “The Ice Cream Killer.” Not the best reward for years of hard work.

Better idea, how about nobody kills anybody at all, that sounds like the best option here.




How do you feel?

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