The Warriors Are Moving To San Francisco And Their Ground Breaking Ceremony Couldn’t Have Been Weirder

The all-star NBA team consisting of players like Steph Curry, Draymond Green, Klay Thompson and their newest addition, Kevin Durant, is leaving Oakland to move across the bay to San Francisco.


The Warriors are planning on leaving their current stadium, the Oracle Area, for the 2019-2020 season when their brand new 1 billion dollar stadium will be ready. The new arena, Chase Center, will hold around 18,000 and will be located in downtown San Fran where the arena will sit on 11 acres of land which will be packed with new offices, hotels, restaurants, as well as a five and a half acre waterfront public park.

As cool and exciting as this may sound for the Warriors franchise and for the city of San Francisco, this is a disaster for the loyal fans in the Oakland Area. Just last week they learned their beloved Raiders are moving to Vegas, and now their world champion Warriors are moving across the bay? This team was the only pride and joy the city and now all that weight falls on the only team left in the city, the Athletics. (good luck).


To start, let’s talk about the groundbreaking ceremony that occurred this week. I don’t know what was going through their minds, but this may certainly have been the most San Fran-esque ceremony I have ever seen.

The over-the-top groundbreaking featured songs by a gospel, included a performance by the San Francisco Symphony. Then they broke out acrobatic dancers dressed as construction workers for a grand finale of sorts that included beach balls dropping from an excavator before the equipment rigs moved in synchronization to the music in an extravagant routine featuring trampolines.

I thought blowing a 3-1 lead was an all time low for the organization, but these new videos from the event trump all other jokes. Take a look and see and make your own judgments:

Now you are probably thinking to yourself… What the fuck did I just watch? And I don’t think anyone truly knows.

I kinda get it, though, they’re the Warriors, it’s a big stadium and they’re a big deal. But this so-called “entertainment” was just weird and uncomfortable. I would rather sit through an hour ofAyesha Curry reading her obnoxious tweets

The team’s return to San Francisco is controversial in regards to congestion in an already packed city, higher ticket prices than Oakland could offer,and the fact there was a petition against the construction of the stadium, but the city’s supreme court overturned it the day of the celebration.

Oh joy. Are you with the move? Sound off in the comments below






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