John Mayer Launches Part 1 Of His New Album To Cure Your Post-Inauguration Blues

There are very few Americans who haven’t ridden the John Mayer wave at one point or another. His post-modern drift and distinguished voice, which softly caressesyou while subtly whispering “I have sex all of the time,” has lead the award-overloaded musician to 6 incredibly successful albums. And as of yesterday, his 7th.

His newest album, The Search For Everything is Mayer’s first LP in 4 years. He said it was the “longest I’ve gone in the incubation process of a record.” He teased the first song, “Love On The Weekend,”on November 17th which currently dominates the radio airwaves, before releasing the first “wave” of the album yesterday.

He is releasing this album in self-proclaimed “waves.” Which means you get four songs now, and if you like those, you go on to the next four….when he finishes them. However, he doesn’t seem to be in a huge rush.

It’s for sure an unconventional approach, and he cites artists like Drake and Rihanna as inspiration for breaking from a traditional album release.

I love these songs, it ain’t no “Room For Squares” but I’m a sucker for the classics. That’s not news. I do, however, turn up “Love On The Weekend” when it comes on the radio, regardless of how loud my music already was. And these other songs make me wish I could go through a breakup so they could heal my emotional wounds. But then again, we just lost Obama so they are more than plausible for the situation.

And now we patiently wait for this ripper to drop:



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