Bid Day Summed Up In One Video

Being in a fraternity myself, I’ve had the opportunity to be on both sides of the rush process. And let me tell you, it sucks ass.

It’s basically like flirting with guys for an entire week. While you are rushing you are just hoping the existing brothers will like you. But now that I am abrotherI’ve had rush events this entire week, and I can’t wait until it is over.

Well it’s honestly not that bad, but I’m just lazy and would rather be playing Battlefield One instead of asking 100 guys where they’re from, what their major is and other repetitive questions as I daydream about Battlefield One.

On the flip side, I could never in my wildest dreams desire to participate in a sorority rush. The process is far more intense from what I’ve heard from girls here at my school, the University of South Florida. I couldn’t deal with girls singing to me while dressed up formally for 12 hours every day. Along with everything else that comes with trying to impress girls who you hope to be your future sisters, including but not limited to the inevitable sorority squat Instagram pose.

But what’s it all for? Bid day. The big day when you accept your bid to join your new organization which you endured recruitment week for. It is a huge day for everyone involved on both sides of the process and they normally make a huge deal of it. It’s easy to get excited, and understandably so, but some people just have no idea what’s about to hit them:

If you need any further evidence to why sorority recruitment sucks:

Or this one:



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