Someone Purchased To Troll The Outspoken Conservative In The Best Way Possible

Tomi Lahren has been on my radar for about a year now. She’s a relentless conservative commentator with a platform that has launched a midwestern gal into one of the most important right-winged voices of the social media generation. A young gun who loves guns, per say. All too often I find myself asking people if they know who Tomi Lahren is, they say no, then I show them a picture on my phone


Then they go ohhhhhh I hate that girl.


She’s very, er, intriguingly unlikable. Her web show “Final Thoughts”has a sole purpose of disarming what the “liberal media” (aka the media) has said about her beloved President Trump. Her delivery is aggressiveand often creates a digitalfirestorm, whichinevitably ends up on your newsfeed.

She has claimed Black Lives Matter is the new KKK, she references liberals as “snowflakes,” and recently went toe to toe with The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah. For a deeper look into the issues that coincide with Lahren, read 2BD writer Jasmine Millner‘s piece here. Because that’s not what this article is about, this is about

Yesterday I saw on my newsfeed that someone, somewhere purchased the for a sole purpose whichwill make Tomi reactsort of like this:


The site is a direct funnel fordonations to Planned Parenthood, The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, the Americal Civil Liberties Union, and the Environmental Defense Fund. All organizations under immediate threat from everything Tomi Lahren so passionately stands behind.

Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 1.52.55 PM.png

Hats off to you, anonymous. Can’t wait for the Tomirantto follow this moveyou snowflake.



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