Dubai Firefighters Get The Upgrade Of The Century With New Water Jetpacks

The city of Dubai is once again showing off their wealth with the addition to water-powered jet packs for their firefighters.

The new system called “Dolphin” allows firefighters to avoid traffic by using jet skis and water-powered jetpacks to maneuver through waterways in efforts to get to certain fires more efficiently. The device is powered by constant and renewable seawater.

The Dubai’s Civil Defense released a video on Sunday demonstrating what this new technology has to offer.

They can now take down fire from multiple angles, saves burning cars on bridges, reach boat fires faster, as well as diffuse building fires close to shore. This plan was initially announced in 2015 when city authorities hired the company Martin Aircraft out of New Zealand to create this new system, according to Digital Trends.

When the plan was first released, Dubai’s Civil Defense Lt. Col. Ali Almutawa stated, “Dubai is one of the fastest-growing future cities in the world with its modern skyscrapers and vast infrastructure … the introduction of Martin jetpacks into our fleet of emergency response vehicles is another example of how Dubai leads the world.”

Just to name a few here’s a few of the sick emergency response vehicles Dubai has to offer.

Mideast Dubai Police Exotic Carsdubais-police-car-fleet-is-full-of-supercars_100468753_h

Okay Dubai! We get it! You like to show off! When I first saw images of their super police cars I thought… Holy Shit. Then I saw their emergency response vehicles and thought…. Holy Shit. AND now that their firefighters have water-powered jetpacks, fuck that noise, emergency response workers in America are fighting for decent wages while Dubai’s get to ride around in style in the city of the future having a grand ole time. Not fair, step it up America.



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