Fashion Friday: Target’s New Line Is My Current Obsession

Let Me Talk Fashion is our weekly installment going Two Buttons Deep into the do’s and don’ts of everyday fashion. As Joan Rivers’ self-proclaimed successor, it is my duty to help keep the world looking stylish and practical one Fashion Friday at a time.

And it’s been a while, but we are bringing back Fashion Friday here at Two Buttons Deep and coming in hot for the comeback is my take on Target’s new women’s clothing line, Who What Wear. It’s common knowledge that I’m a Target super fan and fashion aficionado, but when those two elements combine the result is dangerous (and expensive).

I frequent the place at least two times a week for nearly all of my needs besides clothes. As a bargain shopper, I can’t justify the price for the quality and practically passé trends on the shelves. It’s better to sort through sale racks for name brands at Lord & Taylor, guaranteeing long-lasting designer quality at an affordable price.


Fall 2016 (Target corporate look book)

But Who What Wear has stolen my heart a little bit and put me on a shopping mall hiatus since its fall 2016 launch. *Gasps*

Within a quick look around I fell in love, purchased three starter items for my closet and anxiously awaited a future visit (hopefully when it starts to hit clearance).

What you really need to know:

Availability: In stores and online

Sizing: Regular and plus size (Can you say, girl power?)

Pricing: Decent. Ranges from about $20-22 for a blouse to $34-50 for pants, light jackets or dresses

Quality: The fabrics (physical materials and patterns/solids) are on point for the price and represent the newest trends in ready-to-wear.

What trends? Right now, there are a lot of mixed materials going on from teddy bear fur to suede and velvet. For early spring, expect to see a lot of floral prints, midi skirts, bomber jackets and unique sleeves. Who What Wear even offers shoes and accessories to complement your favorite new threads.


“I’m just going to run to Target for one quick thing…”

How dangerous is this? Extremely. Just one more set of items to add to my basket filled with shampoo, chewing gum, coconut water, a throw blanket and a Brita filter. Here are a few must-have’s that I’m crushing on right now (and you should be, too).

Farrah Microsuede Mules, $34.99


Teddy Bear Bomber Jacket, $49.99 (plus size available)


Midi Pencil Skirt, $27.99


Teddy Bear Clutch, $29.99 (available in cream and black)screen-shot-2017-01-27-at-3-33-49-pm

Printed Midi Dress, $34.99 (plus size available)


These are some key highlights from the online shop, but I recommend you venture on out to your local store and check out Who What Wear for yourself. The items I’ve seen even in the past week are *fire flames* and will get you riled up for spring ’17. And now that I’ve let you in on my latest fashion trend obsession, we might just run into each other in the 518 rocking the same new outfit.




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