Put A Smile On Your Face With This Chance The Rapper Cover Of The ‘Arthur’ Theme Song


Arthur was one of the flagship shows of my childhood. Running with the ranks of Power Rangers, Spongebob, and Full House. It may or may not have had to do with the fact it has one of the catchiest theme songs in the history of theme songs. I probably stopped watching the show circa age 6-8, but the jingle has permanent residence in my brain.

On at least 20 different occasions throughout middle school and high school, I would audibly sing parts of the song by habit, not even cognitive of the fact it was the theme song of a children’s show, until somebody would say “um…are you singing Arthur” and I was like “nah.”

But I sure was.

And now, just in time when the future of PBS is in shambles, it is cool once again to sing the song loud & proud and reprint this tune in my head for the rest of my life. Which is good, because Trump probably gonna toss PBS, the creator of the show, in the garbage along with the rest of America.

Stephen Colbert teamed up with Ziggy Marley, the creator of the actual theme song, his band leader Jon Batiste, and beloved Chance The Rapper to recreate the song and it’s giving me all the smiles in a time of vacancy. Enjoy.




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