Meet The Creators Of ‘Through My Eyes’ – The Series Documenting Authentic & Unfiltered World Travel

After years in the army and the regimented routine he was used to, Adam Rotman wanted to do something more enlivening.

Rotman embarked upon a journey that touched on his roots, his creative skill set, and something he is most certainly passionate about: traveling. He needed to take a break from life. Sound familiar?

Five years ago Adam and his good friend, Tom, set out on a journey across Central and South America, where part of Adam’s heritage derives from. His mother is from Bolivia, so the duo set out to backpack across every single country in South America over an extended period of time. While millions of people have spent time traveling the world, Adam approached this a little differently. He wore a GoPro on his head throughout every second of the trip.

Why? Because the art of traveling is more than the tourist attractions and the big events, it’s the micro interactions and sights that don’t always make it to your Instagram feed. When you come home from a semester abroad or a trip to another country and somebody asks you how it was, it’s hard to come up with anything other than, “great!” And that’s what Adam is trying to change.

After his initial trip, Adam conjured the idea to develop this into an authentic traveling reality show, or a docu-reality series. It’s not like the traveling show you see on Nat Geo with pristine views and the best-rated hotels and idealistic conditions, and it’s not the reality show you see with staged lighting and 20 crew members surrounding the “casual” situation going on. Adam wanted to capture the real stories of the real people in the real world, and so he developed Through My Eyes.


Now, five years later, we spoke to Adam from the Through My Eyes’ headquarters in New York City. Their team is spread around the world and is currently hard at work developing the first season of Through My Eyes.

You can watch the trailer here.

Since Adam’s initial trip, he has sent over 20 travelers to various places across the world to document their own travels in their own ways. What comes from docu-reality point-of-view storytelling is a no-filter look into the world and will either inform or remind viewers what traveling is truly about. And the best part? They’re looking for more travelers for future seasons.

The company works with everyday citizens from across the world who have decided to go out for an adventure and capture their journey “through their eyes” and with a collaboration with Through My Eyes they create a revolutionary series, experienced entirely from the point of view angle.
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If you have a passion for traveling and an interest in being part of this project, they request you send them a message on Facebook.

The company is also currently running a Kickstarter to help them finish post production of Season 1. There is 1 WEEK LEFT and they have met over 75 percent of their $20,000 pledge goal. Look at the Kickstarter to view their incredible trailer with Adam himself explaining the purpose and vision of the project.

“We feel Through My Eyes is a neutral and authentic way to learn about new stories, new ways of thinking and parts of the world not everybody gets the opportunity to experience. Because at the end of the day, traveling is something we can all connect with, no matter where we’re from.” – Adam Rotman



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