Atlanta Can’t Lose Sunday And It Almost Has Nothing To Do With Their Football Team

Super Bowl Sunday is here, where the Atlanta Falcons will square off with the New England Patriots in the 51st edition of “The Big Game.”

Atlanta has the NFL MVP, arguably the game’s best wide receiver and the hottest coordinator-soon-to-be-head-coach, in all of football calling the plays.

But, before any of the Falcons even take one step onto the NRG Stadium field they will already have a significant advantage.

And that is, if we have learned anything over the past year (besides to stop electing fascist, racist, insecure teenage girls trapped inside a 70-year old man’s body in the future), that the city of Atlanta just cannot lose.

The Falcons may be the best offense the Patriots have ever faced in a Super Bowl, which includes the stupid good St. Louis Rams “Greatest Show on Turf” squad led by Kurt Warner, but that doesn’t matter.


The city of Atlanta is approaching a calendar year of being undefeated.

Even Paul Millsap’s boring ass secured an All-Star spot over The Process, Joel Embiid.

When it comes to Atlanta’s rise to dominance it starts with Donald Glover, who may be on the best 365 day run in pop culture history.

He gets his own smash show, aptly named Atlanta, throws an unbelievable concert at Joshua Tree, releases an album that’s a throwback to the best music of yesteryear, wins 2 Grammy’s, shouts out the Migo’s in his speech then just casually secures roles as a young Lando Calrissian and a role in the new Spider-Man.

Calling him the tip of the iceberg would an insult to all he’s accomplished this year, he’s the iceberg that sunk the Titanic, but what you may have been unaware of is all the other icebergs in the immediate vicinity.

Gucci Mane got out of jail, got ripped, got new teeth, engaged AND landed his first Billboard #1 album with Everybody Looking.

21 Savage dropped his first album and grabbed himself a guest spot on Drake’s Sneakin‘ and took the rap world by storm for a minute.

Lil Yachty hopped on one of the summer’s most popular tracks with D.R.A.M. (who also has the best album cover of all time) with Broccoli.

Young Thug dropped an album featuring songs only named after his heroes (which included Harambe, to my chagrin) and also the best GQ profile of all time, which documents his lack of eating and the fact a doctor comes to his house to inject him with vitamins.

Even the Braves and their last place nightmare of a baseball team picked up a W in the last year when they stole Dansby Swanson from the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Then, the Red Sea of rap music parted and the Migos emerged with one of the most fire records top to bottom in recent memory (despite how quickly DJ Khaled’s screaming on culture becomes unbearable).

This becomes simple mathematics at the end of the day. Atlanta has been on an unprecedented win streak and then factor in the love of round numbers (the city of Atlanta hasn’t won a major title since the 1996 Braves) and it is a virtual lock that they hoist the Lombardi Trophy by the time Sunday wraps.






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