Game Day Fashion: How To Score Extra Points With Your Super Bowl Party Outfit

The Super Bowl is such a classic, American event. Whether you know who’s playing or not (there’s always someone at the party who doesn’t), you’re heading out the door with a giant bowl of Taco Dip to join friends and strangers for a night of excessive eating, drinking, cheering, and football. It’s just another excuse to day-drink and celebrate, so for me, that means it’s also an excuse for a killer outfit, too.

super_bowl_li_logo-svgIf I had to guess, the idea of Super Bowl fashion is a total lost cause for the men out there. There’s no chance any girl is going to have control over her guy on this day, so don’t even bother telling him to tuck in his shirt or to take off the irrelevant, retro-fit Miami Dolphins jersey he wants to don on this holy day. Instead, use this event to its fullest potential and make your fashion choices fun and festive for the social gathering.

If I were your stylist to make your SB LI outfit the game-winner, here’s my playbook:

Hats and retro logos

There are so many things to love about wearing a hat to boost your look during a sporting event. For one, if you’re the type of person who wants to support the team, it’s the most cost effective/least committed style choice you can make for apparel. Best case scenario you’ll wear the hat again six months from now in an airport bar and be able to strike up some conversation with the person next to you. Instead of questioning you why you’re ordering a Pinot Grigio at 6AM, they can at least assume you’re a huge fan and talk about the final play in the big game…

Also, retro logos are low key and cool. It’s a great alternative to rocking the modern, flashy team colors that often become an eyesore when the bandwagon fans buy up all the championship merchandise. You look like you might have some inside scoop on the team while wearing retro, or at least you made a fashion choice to appear as though you have some history.

Boyfriend jeans

*Don’t be offended,* there are girlfriend jeans out there, too. But if you don’t want to throw in the towel too early and go with elastic waistband  black leggings, baggy jeans are the move. Choosing a style with patchwork detail or rips makes the look a bit more fashion forward, while being flexible enough to wear whatever footwear suits your party atmosphere.

I like to cuff the bottom of the jean to style it up, and would probably pair with a turtleneck for winter’s purposes or just a plain white tee for a super carefree look.


Track jackets and crewnecks

If you’re not gonna go with team apparel, athleisure gear is totally on-trend for Super Bowl Sunday. It’s comfy with no restrictions from raising your arms in excitement for a touchdown or getting your groove on during the halftime performance. It’s likely you’ve already got an old school crewneck at home –it could even be your Cape Cod vacation sweatshirt from 7th grade when it’s paired with the right garments.

Bomber jackets are a great layering piece if you’re the type to get completely overheated among a crowd of shouting fans and drunk uncles. Just layer it over an acceptable tank (I would recommend something flirty and cute like lace or velour), and don’t be afraid to unzip as early as the second quarter.


Comfort footwear

We all know better than to be the girl at the Super Bowl Party wearing heels of any kind. I’d make the case for a heeled bootie, but that’s about it. You’ll likely take your shoes off anyway, or want something that allows you to maneuver sliding the legs underneath your bum on a crowded couch. Mules (or loafers) are jumping out as the go-to option for a cute, casual outfit. You can slip ’em off and on easily and won’t have to worry about getting cold since you’re either A) indoors or B) in warm Houston, TX at the actual game.

It’s also the perfect occasion to bust out the Nikes that you’d never actually work out in. Sneakers with some fashion flare would go perfectly with the boyfriend jean look or a tight-fit, leather legging.


When you put these combos together however you choose, you’re guaranteed to be a standout star at your Super Bowl gathering. Though I will say the most important accessory on this day, in particular, is whatever treat you decide to make for your fellow partygoers. Don’t you dare head into that party empty-handed!

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