Train’s New Album Is Full Of Jams

Train has been an all-American chart topper since 1998 with hits like “Meet Virginia,” “Drops of Jupiter” and “Hey Soul Sister.”

Now on the verge of 20 years into their career, they’re here to bring us another album we can’t help but sing along to.

Last week, Train released their newest album, “a girl a bottle a boat.” The album features 11 new tracks that will soon be taking over the radio. Some of the new songs are perfect for a party, like “Drink Up” (you can probably tell from the title alone what the song is about.) The slower songs, like “Loverman” and “You Better Believe,” are good for a chill night in. All the other ones can be saved for the way to work, as you blast them in the car and jam out by yourself. No shame.

I don’t want to give all the good surprises away, so long story short: I actually felt like a girl with a bottle on a boat.

We got a taste of Train’s new music four months ago, when the band released the music video for “Play That Song,” which has over four million views.

This album may not seem incredibly different from Train’s older music, but it’s the first time the band has been left without their founding member and lead guitarist, Jimmy Stafford, who decided he wanted to take a break from touring full-time. However, he will be doing some select performances and is still a member of the band. *sigh of relief*

Also, don’t forget Train’s original drummer (who sadly departed in 2014) was a graduate of Saratoga Springs High School (class of ’91) before leaving the Capital Region at 19 to pursue his dreams.

With all this new music, Train is touring all over the country this year and we’re in luck, because they are coming to SPAC on June 18th.


So after all that said, I have one piece of advice: Buy your tickets now!



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