The 6 Best Moments Of The Super Bowl That Weren’t Part Of The Game

For 51 years, the Super Bowl has earned its place as the most hyped up football game in the country. While millions of fans throw on their jerseys to support their team or favorite player before the game, millions of other people (like me) only reach for the remote to watch funny commercials and whatever performer is there to rock the halftime show. So for the people like me out there, here are some of the highlights of Super Bowl 51 (with the exception for the actual game).

1. The Schuyler Sisters rendition of “America the Beautiful”

The three ladies from the original Broadway cast of Hamilton stood tall and mighty in the middle of the field to sing “America the Beautiful.” People raved about their performance because instead of singing “And crown thy good, with brotherhood,” they switched the lyrics and sang “And crown thy good with brotherhood and sisterhood.” Say what you want but that small touch made it one of the most memorable moments. Plus, their outfits were on point and their harmony was perfect, just like in Hamilton.

2. Commercials about acceptance

Advertisements that air during the Super Bowl are famous for being funny and silly, but many companies decided that this year it was time to get serious. Companies like Coca-Cola and Airbnb not only promoted their brand but promoted equality and acceptance for everyone. #WeAccept

3. Lady Gaga

The moment we’ve been anticipating for weeks was absolutely worth the wait. Lady Gaga put on the performance of a lifetime. She literally jumped off the roof, and as if that wasn’t thrilling enough, she continued to spin and dance in midair. For about 15 minutes she belted out our old favorite hits and new tracks from her more recent album. Also, I must add that she was wearing the perfect amount of glitter, which is a very important detail. 


4. The memes

The memes that came out during the Super Bowl were hysterical. If you didn’t take a break from the game to check your phone, I’m sorry that you missed out on them. From comparing Lady GaGa to Spongebob, to Arthur’s tightly clenched fist ready to start deflating footballs, the Super Bowl was a lot more humorous on Twitter than on TV.


5. Sad Tom Brady

“Sad Tom Brady” was simply a shot of quarterback Tom Brady sitting on the bench during the game with his head between his knees, wondering how the hell he would come back from this one. I think that deep down inside, we’ve all had a sad Tom Brady moment. But don’t worry Tom, it gets better.


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6. Melissa McCarthy’s commercial for Kia

Everyone has their favorite commercial, and this one was mine. What could be funnier than Melissa McCarthy putting her life in danger by almost getting tackled by a humpback whale and falling from the top of a tree that a man below her was chopping down, for our entertainment? (Disclaimer: she didn’t actually do these things, the power of animation is just really powerful.)

Also: Albany man proposed to his girlfriend in a local commercial?!?!

7. The Patriot’s unexpected comeback

Okay, I know this wasn’t supposed to be about the game, but this Super Bowl was one for the history books. The patriots took the game to overtime for the first time in Super Bowl history and won after dragging behind the Falcons for three-quarters. Sorry all my fellow football haters out there, but even though I’m not a sports gal, it was freaking cool.




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