After 20 Years Off The Air, Bill Nye Is Back And Ready To Take Down Bogus Scientific Claims

Itís been a long time since Bill Nye the Science Guy left the airwaves in 1998, and even though his audience is all grown up, the need for quality scientific shows dedicated to teaching science in an accessible and easily digestible way has never been greater. Bill Nye not only made science class bearable, more importantly he made it enticing. His music videos and upbeat production about fossil fuels in combo with a killer theme song made science class a highlight of my day on all days that Bill was involved.

And now Bill is back and better than ever, hitting Netflix on†April 21st with†a 13-episode first season of Bill Nye Saves The World


We currently live in a world where scientists are†trying to save climate change data†in case the Trump administration tries to delete or alter it. And that’s why Bill Nye Saves The World is fitting. The show is actually a talk show, but instead of a normal set with a desk and a couple of chairs, Bill†will be greeting guests in the coolest looking laboratory Iíve ever seen. From there, heíll tackle science topics like global warming, GMOs, technology, alternative medicine, and sex, with a series of demos and some good old-fashioned scientific myth busting.


I have all the expectations in the world for America’s Uncle Bill, or as we better know him as..Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill!

(If she doesn’t get it, she’s too young for you,bro.)



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