Did The New England Patriots Kill The Entire City Of Atlanta?

Last Sunday night as halftime approached and the score read 21-3 in favor of the Atlanta Falcons I leaned across our table at the bar to Jack, our Editor in Chief here at 2BD, and said, “they’re going to comeback.”

Jack agreed and we decided to make the most of the unlimited beer/wings for $20 deal (shoutout Wolff’s Biergarten) and settle in for the inevitable.

Even when the Falcons extended their lead to 25 points halfway through the 3rd quarter, it still seemed like The New England Trumps would find a way. And oh boy did they.

Malcolm Mitchell fell down coming out of his break yet still managed to make a crucial catch, Julio Jones made one of the most amazing catches I’ve ever seen that lead to no points and Julian Edelman had his legacy moment:

And before we knew it we had the greatest comeback in Super Bowl (maybe sports) history, the first overtime game in Super Bowl history and we were stuck looking at this for the 5th time:


And perhaps even worse, this:


And once the dust settled from yet another New England sports title and Gronk was done doing Gronk things, the city of Atlanta imploded.

The first domino to fall was Migos blowing their own metaphorical 28-3 lead in the form of a horrendous Rolling Stone profile.

Jonah Weiner was on the scene with music’s new darlings and unfortunately saw a less than ideal side of the trio:

And so I’m surprised by Migos’ reaction when I mention iLoveMakonnen, the local MC who just came out as gay on Twitter. “Damn, Makonnen!” Quavo bellows after an awkward interlude. I mention support I saw online for Makonnen’s decision. “They supported him?” Quavo asks, raising an eyebrow. “That’s because the world is fucked up,” says Offset. “This world is not right,” Takeoff says. “We ain’t saying it’s nothing wrong with the gays,” says Quavo. But he suggests that Makonnen’s sexuality undermines his credibility, given the fact that “he first came out talking about trapping and selling Molly, doing all that.”

He frowns. “That’s wack, bro.”

Look, I don’t mess with Makonnen, not because he’s gay, but because I just don’t think his music is very good and “Club Going Up On A Tuesday” is seared into my brain forever.

But, regardless, the implication that his sexuality undermines his credibility as an artist is a statement that is *almost* laughably ignorant in 2017 and the nature in which they addressed the topic was very callous.

Following, the outrage to this portion of the article Migos did issue an apology via Twitter:

However, another extremely concerning portion of the interview has been left virtually untouched while the focus has been solely on the homophobic comments.

Towards the end of the profile Weiner documents a woman who enters the studio and is very emotional and even takes swings at Quavo, before the following events transpire:

I see Quavo run out to the Spider and the woman chase him. Others join them at the car. Durel and Tray1 are watching the same feed with me, neither of them commenting. The picture is too small and grainy to say what exactly happens next, but I see the woman fall to the ground. O-Ron carries her, as she kicks furiously, away from Quavo. Soon a car arrives; she gets in and leaves. O-Ron returns and explains that the woman “fell down and busted her nose – her face is all bloody.”

Quavo and Offset drive away in the Spider. It’s the last I see of them: interview, apparently, over. (Asked to clarify the circumstances of the incident, a representative from Migos declined to comment.)

Making assumptions is never in anyone’s best interest, but the ideas of domestic violence swirling around these statements are too apparent to just not be addressed.

Their notoriety has been sent into the stratosphere courtesy of “Bad & Boujee” and the ultimate praise from Donald Glover, but now has been sullied with a side not many are privy to see.

And the fall of Atlanta’s elite didn’t stop there.

One of FX Atlanta’s breakout stars, Lakeith Stanfield took to Twitter to take shots (and then delete shots) at the group:


With two of the cities biggest points of pride in Migos and Atlanta coming to blows, the ATL v. ATL crime continued, with Waka Flocka releasing a Gucci Mane diss track:

“Always yellin’ Brick Squad, always talking fam first/ When yo’ ass got locked up, you turned on the fam first/ Always takin’ fuckin’ credit, never put in no work/ Used my name for leverage, before they front you, they gon’ call first.”

Granted Gucci will be fine, he has been doing guest spots with everyone from Migos to Drake to Nicki Minaj since he got out of jail last May and Waka…. well, Waka has smoked with a few kids I went to high school with, so I guess he can hang his hat on that?

The Super Bowl ended less than a week ago and already the foundation and culture that built the city up for those outside of the South in the last year has begun to crumble.

Who knows how much more the pop culture section of city can take moving forward and for the love of God will someone check in on 2 Chainz?


Someone put Donald Glover in a bunker right this second.



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