In Honor Of Valentine’s Day, Let’s Let Jon Batiste Teach You How To Love

Late Night In The Morningis 2BD’s daily service providing you with the best clip from late night television so you can enjoy your beauty rest without missing out on the laughs.

Today: Stephen Colbert’s band leader, Jon Batiste, brings you through the simple steps of how to love. Just in time for Valentine’s Day…

There is nobody, I repeat, nobody who is more joyous than Jon Batiste. I often wonder what drugs he takes before eachtaping because he is always as quirky as he is full of electricity. He plays the type of jazz that gets you movin’ in your seat and it’s probably because he comes straight outta New Orleans. His presence at the Ed Sullivan Theatre in NYC is unmatched. I saw a live taping of The Late Show in 2016 and watching him throughout the show could be a show in itself. The dude is always smiling, and now we know that he’s an expert in love:



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