So…Will We Ever Get The “Mean Girls” Sequel We’ve Been Dreaming Of?

The same way people remember their first kiss, or the first time they held their newborn child, I remember the first time I saw Regina George and the rest of the plastics strut down the halls of North Shore High.

For those who may be living under a rock and don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m referencing Mean Girls, one the greatest film of our generation. The comedy is about an innocent teenage girl from Africa who was transformed into the ultimate “plastic” (aka the ultimate form of bitch) when she transferred to an American high school and thrown into the cliques and social pressures that come with it.


The movie came with some unexpectedly valuable life lessons, like the fact that you can only wear pink on Wednesday’s, everyone in Africa can read Swedish, and that an all-carb diet means that sweatpants are the only thing you can squeeze into.


Of course, Mean Girls is an incredible film all by itself, but wouldn’t it be even more incredible if there was another one?

Yes, there was a Mean Girls 2 made in 2011, but it doesn’t deserve that name. How can a movie where Lindsey Lohan, Glen Coco and the word “fetch” are non-existent even be related to the first one? It shouldn’t have, so let’s ignore that and focus on what Lindsey Lohan is up to.

The star has been hard at work crafting up the storyline for the film we’ve all dreamt of. She spoke to CNN on a Facebook live video on Thursday and told them she’s pushing for it.

“I have been trying so hard to do a Mean Girls 2. It is not in my hands,” she said. “I know Tina Fey and Lorne Michaels and all of Paramount Pictures are very busy. But I will keep forcing it and pushing it on them until we do it.”

“I would love to have Jamie Lee Curtis and Jimmy Fallon in the movie,” she revealed. “I’ve already written a treatment for it, so I just need a response.”

Since the original movie came out about 13 years ago, the girls are old enough to have kids of their own. So Lohan decided that instead of mean girls, they should be mean moms. It would be like The Real Housewives meets North Shore High School.

But there are so many questions left to be answered. Will their children be just as mean as they were? Will their burn book be on their iPhones instead of handwritten on glittery pink paper? Is the word “fetch” still cool, or has it been replaced with “lit” and “turnt?”

Unfortunately, it might take a little while to get the answers, because Lohan still needs to get director Lorne Michaels and screenwriter Tina Fey on board with her big plans.

For now, we’ll just wait patiently with Lindsay.




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