Siena Fan Makes Half Court Shot And Her Boyfriend Immediately Proposes To Her

Being a Siena alum this season has been a struggle.

The underperforming team that has constantly let me down on their way to a 12-15 (soon to be 13-15 record). But tonight they thrive, tonight the program brings us hope, both on the court and in our hearts.

As the Saints stormed into the break with a 12-point lead, Saints fan Erin Tobin took her position at the half court line for her chance at glory…. or embarrassment.

With Cupid lingering from a hangover after Valentine’s Day, she rose to the occasion like so very few of us could:

Have mercy! What are the chances?

The shot is as wet as any half court shot I’ve ever seen, and the boyfriend just lurking in the much maligned Dunkin Donuts cup that is notorious for falling to its donut counterpart.

Shoutout to love, I’m all in on romance of any sort (despite my reservations about sporting events proposals), but I do have one pressing question: If she missed that shot does he still propose? Was this a 1/100 (maybe more) chance at happening? The people working the event sure think so.


I don’t know what the chances are mathematically speaking, but apparently, the Siena announcers had ZERO confidence in our girl Erin going bottoms up and frankly I am offended.

In the current apocalyptic landscape that is 2017, you have to know that the only thing that can prevail is true love and that’s what we have here.I’m so on board with this being an act of fate paired with pure blessings for fans of the nation’s greatest collegiate hoops team.

Best of luck to this happy couple and may they celebrate their partnership with a Saints MAAC Championship in a few weeks followed by a NCAA birth. Let’s ride this wave.



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