Upstate Native Plays Music In The NYC Subway Simply To Give It Out To Whoever Needs It

By no means is it uncommon to encounter dozens of street musicians while wandering around New York City, especially in the subways. Some are solo, some are full bands, but most musical initiatives have one thing in common:  to make money – but not Will Boyajian.

Will Boyajian is an upstate native who graduated from my high school, Shenendehowa. The musical powerhouse has made his way to the city to pursue the dream and is doing so in probably the best way possible.

Last week Will launched “Hopeful Cases,” a new initiative where subway musicians play for money, but simply leave the money out for whoever needs it most.


“If you’re homeless or need help, take as much as you need from the case. I just like to play. #HopefulCases” the sign reads.

Round of applause to the man whose heart is as big as his hair.

“We’re all broke in the city,” Will said,”but I can buy a soda when I want to, I can go out to dinner. I struggle to pay rent sometimes, but we all do. But I’ve never been in the type of state that so many of the homeless are in.”

His goal is to end each day with zero dollars. If there’s leftover, he buys single-ride Metro Cards and passes them out or hands out dollars on the street.

His most impactful moment from this gig? On Sunday night when a man approached him with his dog.

“I probably had forty or fifty left and my voice was trashed and I wanted to go home. I said,  ’just empty it out man… treat yourself.’ The man mentioned that was enough for one of those hotels that let dogs come and he told the dog, ‘Moby, we’re going to be okay.’”

The 26 year old is looking to develop and expand the #hopefulcases project as a beacon between the wealthy and the poor who are rubbing elbows every day down in the New York City subway system.

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If you are interested in being a part of this project, contact Will at

Also, Will has stated, “we’re also getting real signs.”

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