La La Land Will Sweep The House Tonight But This Parody Is Everything You Need To See

The Oscars are tonight and word on the street is that La La Land is going to sweep the house. The film is well worthy of receiving 14 Oscar nominations, as La La Land takes the audience on a journey to ask us what is important in our lives. Is it fulfilling your dreams, or being with the person you love? Is there a balance to this issue, or are we inevitably going to fall short of both?


Well, I have no clue either. Personally, I was too busy distracted by Ryan Gosling’s magical hair curl as he played the hell out of that piano.


Anyway, the most notable scene in the movie came in the beginning of the film, when an impromptu musical number breaks out amongst the famously dreaded Los Angelas traffic. For those of you who haven’t skipped the first five minutes of the movie, it’s a five-minute extravaganza of ethnically diverse individuals coming together to create an epic song and dance. I suggest you go back and watch it if you were on line waiting for popcorn at the time.

TightFive comedy took the magical scene and completely flipped it on its head. They deliver a humorous simulation of the other people stuck in traffic, particularly one woman in labor on the verge of delivering a baby and no way of getting out after “Another Day of Sun” breaks out.

Enjoy the skit!



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