Elon Musk Will Send Two Lucky People To The Moon, But Who Will They Be?

For those of you playing Jeopardy at home, when was the last time that man stepped foot on the moon?

If you guessed 1972, you’re right! And you win: the rest of this article.

Hold onto your space helmet, because one of us will soon be going to the moon. Actually, not just one, but two. Elon Musk, CEO of Space X, announced on Monday that two brave(and ridiculously wealthy) civilians are planning on heading to the moon by the end of 2018. According to Bill Harwood, CBS News Space Consultant, the trip would cost between 30-50 million dollars. Now, that’s a lotof cheddar to go see a big wheel O’ cheese. Amirite?


Now the real question is not if the moon is made of cheese or not. It’s who the are these mysterious characters, when will they be revealed, and how do I sneak into their onboard luggage?

Unfortunately, we won’t know until Musk decides to spill the beans, but here are a few couples that could pull off this crazy adventure.

Mark Zuckerberg andPriscilla Chan: Check your facebook accounts, I think you just received a notification! Mark has a new objective in 2018 and it isn’t running a mile every day in exotic locations. Honestly, Mark indirectly runs the worldalready so it wouldn’tbe a crazy idea for him to explore the universe and make sure it was safe for the rest of us. In Mark We Trust!

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis: A perfect opportunity for “Dude Where’s My Car” to have a sequel we have all been waiting for. “Dude, where’s my Rocketship?” would set box office records, as Ashton and Mila look for their vehicle in one the Moon’s craters.

Donald Trump and Meryl Streep: What other couple would attract more news coverage than our 45th President and the most decorated actress of our generation together on a flight for 3 days together? They may have their political differences, but complaining over who gets the window seat, would be their biggest disagreement yet.

Musk has stated time and time again that his ultimate objective is for humanity to become a multi-planetspecies. It looks likethis project is the first of many that willinevitably be the foundation of our first trip to Mars in 2024.

I’ll see ya on the next flight outta here.


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