Meet Picasso: The Pup Once On Death Row Now Taking The Internet By Storm

(via HuffPo) Picasso was a part of a litter of five puppies born last year in Porterville, California, by a backyard breeder.

But the breeder was unable to sell Picasso and Pablo, and they were both taken to the Porterville Animal Shelter.

Both dogs were close to being euthanized before Wilhardt found out about them from Shannon Corbit, a volunteer at the shelter.

“I asked her if she had any dogs with special needs, because I felt we could take some on,” Wilhardt told HuffPost. “She said, ‘Yeah, there’s a dog with a facial deformity,’ and I fell in love with his picture.”

When Wilhardt found out both Picasso and Pablo were on the shelter’s euthanasia list, she immediately adopted them.


This is one of the great things about dogs. When a dog has a deformity, they don’t let it hinder their life, mostly because they don’t know any better. If I lost my leg I would probably spend a lot of time moping about the fact I don’t have a leg, but dogs are like “three legs is great, life is great!” Same thing with a crooked face, I would have spent my years in angst over feeling like an ugly fool but Picasso doesn’t give an F. Just give him a treat and some lovin’

If humans were more like dogs the world would be a much happier place and also incredibly ADD. But it makes me happy when I hear about pups like Picasso and his brother Pablo making the turnaround from death row to minor internet celebs.

They’re up for adoption now and obviously hundreds of people have filed to adopt the duo. His foster owner, Liesl Wilhardt, says his deformities are solely cosmetic and the only thing it effects is that he eats sideways and is terribly messy at it.


Worth it.

To learn more about Luvable Dog Rescue, the org that saved P&P and many other pups previously on death row, go to their website or check out their instagram.

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