Today Is March 4th, The Only Date That Is Also A Sentence

There are particular things in life that stick with you no matter how many years seep in between now and the time you and that particular thing were fresh. One of them is my subtle appreciation for today’s date, March 4th. March fourth, the only date in the calendar year that is also a sentence, or more appropriately, a command.

Today is the day you can run through the office or the halls and command everyone to march forth and still be covered by the insurance that you’re really just being an informative citizen. I learned this in high school when my then-girlfriend dropped my hand and stormed through the hallway doing exactly that.

Urban Dictionary notes that “March Fourth” is a “holiday where you work toward achieving your dreams…This holiday is used as an excuse to make an effort, take a risk, or refuse to let reasons come between you and your goals.”

So it’s the day to take risks. To march forward to the next step in your endeavor. This is it. This is what you’ve been putting off the first 63 days of the year. Getting out there and do it…Well, I sure didn’t do much marching today. I went to get food during lunchtime and nearly turned around due to windchill. So now it’s Saturday and I’m in my robe. However, I did find a list of other crazy shit that has happened on today’s date throughout our entire recorded history. It’s good to know some people celebrate this holiday with dignity.

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