Two Priests Get Into Gentle Yet Shade-Filled Twitter Feud

If there’s anything that gets the Internet going, besides memes and award show disasters, it’s a good Twitter fight.

It’s inevitable for people to get into arguments on Twitter, whether it’s a stupid fight with their friend or a political debate with a total stranger. They’re entertaining to read, to say the least. But up until now, I assumed that only petty teenage girls and Internet trolls were the only ones with enough free time to spill their guts online for all of us at home to enjoy.

I was wrong.

Last week, the internet proved that anyone, literally anyone, can get into a Twitter fight. Two priests, Father James Martin and Father Matt Bozovsky, got into a heated discussion about controversial transgender bathroom issues.


It all started with Father Martin. He is known for speaking out against Trump’s refugee ban and tweeting about human rights issues.

So naturally, Martin supports transgender rights, which prompted him to tweet: “Trans students endure so many indignities already. They should be able to use whatever bathrooms they choose. It’s doesn’t hurt anybody.”

That comment must’ve been the final straw for Father Bozovsky, because he replied back, “Um… this is a joke, right? Someone please tell me this is a parody account and not actually coming from a Catholic priest.”


Their argument continued on like this, and it wasn’t long until everyone knew what they were talking about.

Of course, people couldn’t resist adding in their comments about the debacle. Not their opinions about transgender rights though, mostly just funny remarks about the fact that two prominent priests just got in a Twitter fight.

The best remark came from @MarcusKBye who wrote, “And you thought Gay Twitter was petty. Wait till you get a load of Priest Twitter.”


So now, the only thing you’re wondering is who won? Maybe you’ll have your own opinions, but I would hand the trophy to Martin since after the fight Bozovsky made his Twitter account private.



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