By 2020 There Will Be A Walking Trail From Buffalo To Albany To NYC Because Why Not

(via NYCurbed) Today Governor Cuomo announced the Empire State Trail, a 750-mile path for anything but driving that will stretch from Manhattan to northern New York, across to Albany and Buffalo.

The announcement came during the second stop on Cuomo’s week-long State of the State tour. The Empire State Trail is envisioned as a way to continue stoking tourism throughout the state, already at an all-time high.

“It would change the economic activity throughout the state,” Cuomo said. “The Empire State Trail, once completed, will be the nation’s largest state multi-use trail network, providing residents and visitors alike unprecedented access to New York’s outdoor treasures, driving tourism and economic activity to communities across the state and helping to protect our environmental resources for generations to come.”

We can walk from Albany to New York City and it’s about damn time. Imagine how much money and pounds you would have saved if you had walked to the city every time you’ve ever taken a bus there? A lot. 750 miles of new terrain for us to explore the great upstate by anything but a car. Although walking to New York from Albany sounds ridiculous, your ancestors did it and I know about it because I played Oregon Trail in elementary school.

The New Empire State Trail will connect the unfinished Erie Canalway, which extends from Albany to Buffalo, and the Hudson River Greenway that runs 11 miles along Manhattan’s west side and into the Hudson River Valley, while also branching towards the Canadian border.

Empire State Trail Map.jpg

I believe this project will be a success due to the fact they are choosing specific routes with the best scenery. I say that because the only thing people will exercise for is Instagram, and this is opens up a whole new world of likes.

I’m excited to scooter.




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