You’re About To Blow All Your Money On Made-To-Order Makeup But It’s Fine

Every girl has walked into her local Sephora with her head held high, only to start looking around and realize that none of the products are meant for her. The foundation either makes her look as pale as a ghost, or as orange as a Cheeto. The lipstick color theyíve been searching for is nowhere to be found and every eye shadow pallet is just not working. After a while, it’s just exhausting.


But ladies, we can now say goodbye to Urban Decay and MAC, and start designing our dream makeup products ourselves.

Giella Custom Blend Cosmetics allows the customer to design any type of makeup they want to make sure itís the right fit for them. Then they make the product right in front of them.


Itís basically like Subway, but with beauty products instead of footlongs.

Giella Cosmetics can create anything from foundation, to lipstick, to nail polish. A customer can customize foundation and concealer so the color matches their skin tone perfectly, or pick up a shade of lipstick they used to love, but was discontinued from their favorite brand.

The ingredients are also all allergy friendly and the company is cruelty-free. So long story short, Sephora better watch their back because thereís some tough competition coming their way, for sure!

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