Nintendo Just Out-Nintendo’d Itself With The New Nintendo Switch

If you thought Donald Trump sitting in the oval office would have the greatest impact on your life in 2017, you’d be dead wrong.

The day has finally come. Roll together Christmas, your birthday, a hot shower on a cold day, and a home-cooked meal after a semester of dining hall food. THAT is the magnitude of what we are talking about here.

The Nintendo Switch, Nintendo’s new stay at home and on-the-go console. It even has Mario saying “Ohhhhh, Mamma Mia!”


According to, around 80000 consoles were sold this past weekend in the UK alone, TWICE as many as the Wii U in 2013. And if you don’t care about countries east of the Atlantic, in the U.S alone, the Switch has been labeled as the fastest growing console over a two-day stretch in Nintendo’s history, as per Reggie Fils-Aime, President of Nintendo of America.

Luckily for myself, I have a huge Nintendo fan as a roommate (one that preordered the Switch and waited 10 hours at Bestbuy huge) so I got the inside scoop on how the system really came out.


This is what I got from him after his 24-hour time investment from this past weekend:

“Nintendo is by far the ‘crazy toymaker’ in the video game industry. Time and time again, Nintendo pumps out unique products that challenge the status quo. From the Gameboy, which was inspired by a Japanese businessman playing with his calculator on the transit, to the Wii which literally got you up and phsycially moving, Nintendo continues to be the definition of different. As for the Nintendo Switch, you get what you see. A lightweight, portable system that literally bridges the gap between playing on a tradition television and mobile gaming. It’s a product meant for everyone.”

In case you can’t find me, I’ll be in front of the tv for the next 48 hours, playing with Tyler’s Switch before Spring Break lets loose!


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