Oregon Trail Makes A Comeback And We Welcome It With Open Arms

As a Generation-Z baby, I look around and notice that my childhood is coming back. The jean jacket is now back in style? Booyah! Baywatch and Power Rangers are getting their own reboots this summer? Gimme more! A live-motion picture of Beauty and the Beast is coming out this weekend? Pardon me for a moment, I need to realign my neck after falling off my chair.

As the voice of my generation, I’d like to admit that we welcome our childhood memories with open arms.

However, as great as all those other adaptations are, there is none greater than the Oregon Trail revival. It’s not in the form you may remember from computer class in elementary school, this version has transformed from a CD-Rom to a physical card game. That’s right, for only $12.99 you can get your own Oregon Trail Card Game, and hold the Wild Wild West in your own hands.


And if I can be transparent for a brief moment, I am getting pretty tired of Cards Against Humanities and this is the late night card game alternative that I have been waiting for.

I’d much rather receive a card that says ” You have died of dysentery” than read one more “two midgets shitting into a box.” One brings back the nostalgia of my cream cheese filled middle school projects, and the other is just an overused and uncomfortable image to envision.


Now you may be thinking, “That card version sounds like a stupid idea!” Well, don’t be so quick to jump to conclusions there buddy. This version has everything that our generation is looking for. The instant gratification of completing a game in half an hour compared to the original’s timeframe that took hours is soothing to my overall mental state’s well-being.

On top of that, everybody in your party gets to share in the fun. Before, where it was just one friend who dominated the mouse and keyboard, everybody gets an even share of their destiny to pick their card. I’ve been screwed over too many times, to not overlook that feature of the game. Plus, the card game pays homage to the original tombstone aspect, where we can still customize our friend’s headstone when they die from 1 of the 16 calamities in the game.

And if you do go out and buy they game, Jeff Pinsker, President of Pressman Toy, is here to drop some knowledge on how to successfully reach Willamette Valley.

Safe Travels!

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