Ice Cube’s New 3-On- 3 Basketball League To Bring Back Your Favorite NBA Stars

As a senior in college, resumes are the talk of the town. Well, not really the talk of the town, but all we talk about. It represents my one foot out the door of UAlbany, and one foot into my first 5×5 cubicle.

Keep your resume to one-page lengthwhile remaining visually appealing and using catchy buzz words are all little suggestions that have been thrown my way to “impress” my future employer. It’s a bunch of fluff in the end,I’m really trying to sell my YouTube addiction as a viable skill that will get me a call back from the HR department.

However, if you look at Ice Cube’s resume, it is flawless. Platinum albums, television appearances, and box office hits have proved time and time again that when he touches a piece of work, it turns to gold. Well, add another bullet point under his Experience section, because Ice Cube, alongside co-founder Jeff Kwantinez and commissionerRoger Mason Jr., have introduced a sports outlet that has only been dreamed of in our wildest imagination.


TheBig3, an American 3-on-3 professional basketball league, is the latest project that Ice Cube has undertaken.


What’s different about this league is the fact that it is operated and managed entirely by the players. You won’t find greedy owners, coaches with their own agendas, or general managers unable to build competitive rosters. If you’re looking for that, tune into the NBA.

The league is constructed to allow players of the early 90’s and 2000’s to once again grace the basketball court. Former stars, Allen Iverson, Chauncy Billups, and Jason “White Chocolate” Williams are a few of the player captains that have already jumped on board.


And if that’s not cool enough, a few the ‘player coaches’ that have joined the league, are Julius “Dr .J” Erving, Clyde “The Glide” Drexler, and Gary “The Glove” Payton. If you’re missing the ‘old school’ basketball’ mentality,this is where you’ll find it.

The first game day is scheduled for June 25, at Brooklyn’s Barclay Center. But when you enter the arena, there will be a few new changes to the playbook. The game will be played with a half-court style to seek a constant competitive format for ‘older players.’ Halftime will result with a team to score 30 points, with the winner championed at 60. And my personal favorite,the fabled 4 point shot will be integrated into live gameplay.


And to be honest, we need a league where we get competition back in basketball, especially during a time in the NBA where players are resting more frequently than ever before. The Big 3 will be a refreshing alternative to what is already out there and will bring back older fans who are looking for a nostalgic change of pace. This league can bridge the gap between generations, and allow me to waste even more time watching highlights on Youtube.

Ice Cube told The Vertical, that he “Thought of this concept as a fan whogot sick of seeing his heroesretire and not play anymore.” And as an Allen Iverson fan, I can’t wait to receive theopportunity to see that sweet crossover once again.

If you’d like to join me this summer, check out to find out when your favorite childhood player is on the court.

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