McDonalds Is Making Changes So Their Damn Ice Cream Machine Isn’t Always Broken

If you’re a human like me, you’ve experienced something called a sweet tooth. A craving for sugar so strong that it can only be satisfied by a McFlurry from McDonald’s.

So you hop in the car, make it all the way to the drive thru just for the cashier to tell you that their McFlurry machine is broken.


Yeah, that sounds familiar. It’s happened once or twice. Actually, that’s what happens every damn time.

Now for the good news: McDonald’s has heard our cries about the faulty McFlurry machines and the corporation recently announced that they are finally getting rid of the old machines.


Don’t worry, the fast food chain is not getting rid of McFlurries, just of the machine that makes them. McDonald’s restaurants in the United States and Europe are planning on installing brand new machines, so maybe this time they’ll, you know, work.


In fact, McDonald’s mentioned the new machines, which are made by an Italian company called Carpigiani, are in fact easier to clean AND they allegedly can dispense more flavors. Ice cream machines that actually work and give us more flavors to choose from? Is this heaven?

The Wall Street Journal filled us in on why the machines are always down. They said that they must undergo a tedious four hour, 11 part cleaning process each day and employees, well, blank.

McDonald’s said that they try to disinfect the machines when there’s not a lot of customers coming through the door, and if that’s the time you want a McFlurry, you will probably have to wait. In other words, when your late night sweet tooth kicks in and you want a McFlurry at an odd hour, the employees will tell you the machine is “down” rather than asking you to wait four hours while the machine is cleaned.


So until then new machines are assembled, when that sweet tooth hits, we may be detouring to Burger King or our favorite local ice cream joint.

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