In Honor Of #NationalPuppyDay, Here’s A ‘Day In The Life’ Video Of My 10-Year-Old Black Lab

It ain’t no secret I’m the self-proclaimed biggest dog lover here at 2BD. And if you haven’t seen the headlines, today is a special day. It’s National Puppy Day. Is this a completely fabricated day? Absolutely. Is it an excuse to take a day off of work? No, I asked. But does it make today special? Absolutely.

Here’s why I’m the biggest dog lover at 2BD:

  • Always had a dog
  • Always loved ma dogs
  • I made this video, Pet Party, about how pets are better than people
  • The best parties I’ve ever been in involved a dog being there in some way, shape or form
  • It takes me a while to warm up to strangers, but I have no problem going up to a dog I just met and kissing it on the mouth
  • That’s about it

Anyways, last year on my Mom’s birthday I made this video of our family’s beloved black lab, Duke. I filmed his average mid-March day in upstate New York with all the places and buddies of Duke’s that coincide.

Here is the result:

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