Sublime Is Releasing Their Own 40 oz Beer To Commemorate The 25th Anniversary Of “40 oz To Freedom”

Sublime has teamed with Alesmith to create and distribute a Mexican-style lager commemorating the 25th anniversary of 40oz. To Freedom, the band’s 1992 debut album.

What’s funny about Sublime, is that everybody I know can recite at least one song from the band, but the trio didn’t get big until years after the death of lead singer Bradley Nowell. After Nowell died from a heroin overdose in 1997, the band released their songs “All I got,” “Santeria,” and more in 1998 which eventually rose Nowell to post-mortem fame. Far beyond their early Southern California stoner following.


In 2017 their status is legendary, and although the band fell apart after Nowell’s death, they live on through tribute bands such as Badfish, and an abundance of fan tattoos.

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June marks 25 years since their debut album, 40oz To Freedom, and the band is celebrating accordingly. San Diego-based AleSmith Brewing Company is releasing a beer called “40oz. to Freedom.” A limited edition batch of the beer will be bottled in 40-ounce containers and sold through the San Diego brewery and to-be-determined locations before it’s distributed nationally in six-packs of 12-ounce cans.


“It doesn’t taste like anything else,” the band’s drummer, Bud Gaugh, said in a statement. “The flavor is great and it has a craft beer flare with a true Mexican lager taste. This is the one!”

Not that I’ve ever trusted somebody when they said a certain beer tastes like nothing else, because a majority taste the damn same. But something tells me this might be a beer worth going out of my way for.

“From our very first meeting this was obviously a perfect fit,” says Sublime’s manager Dave Kaplan. “Both AleSmith and Sublime are all about staying true to quality and authenticity above all else. Plus, I always could see that classic Sublime Sun logo on a beer bottle. We just needed a world-class beer to go inside and we found it with AleSmith.”

Now the countdown is on, and now “Santeria” will make a comeback as my song of the summer(s).

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