Lindsay Lohan Is Back With A New TV Show

We know Lindsay Lohan as a big Hollywood actress, singer and model, as well as an alcoholic who went through a crazy court trial and was eventually sent to jail a couple times.

And now, at the top of her list of credentials, sheís adding ‘game show host’.

Thereís a video making it rounds across the Internet, and it appears to be the trailer for her new TV show ďThe Anti Social Network.Ē If you watch it and feel confused as to what the series is exactly about, donít feel dumb, because I donít totally get it either.


“I’m back bitches” pounced Lohan in the video.

The series is a ‘game show’ where participants put all their social media in Lohanís hands for 24 hours.

During that time, they will have to complete challenges that she makes up and posts to their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts. She pranks them to do things like to tell their boss they are in love with them or to pose as a naked for an art class. If they complete everything, thereís some big bucks to be won at the end.


This definitely is not what I imagined Lohan to be doing with her spare time, but the concept of the show is actually pretty unique. Itís a gripping adventure for the contestant, and fun for Lohan, and hopefully for the audience. Personally, itís something†I would not do, because Iím a little self centered and donít want anyone screwing up my Instagram aesthetic, even to be spoken for by a super cool celebrity.

(Sorry Lindsay!)

The show is bound for success though, because people are already going crazy on Twitter about the trailer, begging to be pranked. Shane Dawson and Ricky Dillon are ready to throw their phones at her as we speak.


No word yet on when the show is coming out, but†we’ll update you when it does.

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