Bartolo Colon Receives A Warm Response From Citi Field After Leaving Mets For A Rival

As the calendar turned to April, all those sports fans who’ve been in hibernation can rejoice. Baseball is back!

April 3rd was the official opening day for Major League Baseball and as a huge baseball fan, there were a ton of storylines to watch…Would Bryce Harper hit a home run in five consecutive opening days? (Spoilers, he did). Would Clayton Kershaw continue to dominate on the mound on his first start of the year? (Yes, yes he did) And could the Cubs repeat their championship magic after a 108-year drought (We will just have to wait and see…)

However, as a die-hard Mets fan, there was only one thing I was interested in on Opening Day. It wasn’t the fact the first game was actually being played, but how would our old teammate, Bartolo Colon, would be received as a member of our rival, Atlanta Braves.


Bartolo Colon, a 19-year veteran, was a member of the Mets for only a 3-year span, but his stamp on this franchise has transformed him into a folklore legend. Countless memes, tummy rubs, and base running bluffs have created an everlasting imprint on the hearts of all Mets fans. So how did his former fan base react? Take a look.

Although he received a warm reception, New York Mets will soon forget who is on the mound, and only look at the uniform on his body when he takes the mound on Wednesday. Expect a cloud of “Boo’s” to get thrown his way. Let’s go Mets!

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