Nobody Asked Me, But…

This is something I’ve been wanting to do on 2BD for a while, tearing a page straight out of @JustKristi‘s book. My professional mentor and social(media)ite of the Capital Region has an ongoing series called, And another thing…

I admire Kristi’s ability to record her candid, observational comments about the ridiculousness of pop culture or what she overhears in line at the grocery store. The posts take you inside a blogger’s brain who has the pulse on what’s hot, and well, what’s not.

I’ve decided to give it a go of my own with some compiled, completely random thoughts as it relates to what goes on in this tiny head. You might laugh, learn something, completely disagree or just say, WTF? I’m cool with it all –so here we go.

Nobody asked me, but…

  • The Big Little Lies Spotify playlist might be the best playlist of all time
  • People who drive Mazda CX-5’s are extremely aggressive drivers
  • HBO’s “A Look Inside the Episode” is often as good as the episodes themselves
  • Gyms are terrifying places where everyone is constantly looking at you and judging your skills (or lack of)
  • If this was the last season of New Girl and no one is telling me, I’m going to freak out
  • Also, I’m terrified to watch the New Girl season 6 finale (for the above reason and a few more)
  • S-Town is definitely not Serial, but it should remain atop your Podcast listening list
  • Carrying an umbrella kind of makes you lame, but I’m jealous of everyone who has one when I don’t
  • Question: Does anyone understand how the New York state budget negotiations work?
  • A nail salon that does not offer a complementary five-minute massage is an unacceptable establishment
  • …so are inconsistent coffee shops (I’m looking for a repeat experience every time, man, don’t mess up the cold brew)
  • (I’m not 100% confident in my usage of complementary vs. complimentary)
  • The weirdness/after effects of Daylight Savings Time definitely last longer than one day
  • Carrying stamps on your person makes it look like you have your sh*t together
  • It would be cool if more people told you that your 20s would consist of weekly emotional breakdowns and “my life is going nowhere”‘s
  • Instagram and Twitter’s sneaky, subtle updates will one day cause someone to snap because they “literally can’t”
  • The entire judging panel on The Voice needs a new stylist, pronto

Basically a Twitter feed download, a little more polished and less trying to be funny. Just bein’ real knowing we can all relate one random thought or another. Until next time, seriously check out this playlist (and obviously the show).

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