Disney World To Replace Their Human Employees With Robot Humans…Yup

Robots are going to live amongst us one day. Technology is improving too quickly for that not to happen, but the real question is a matter of when not if.

Well if it was up to Disney World it’s going to be sooner rather than later.


Disney has filed a patent for a new state of the art entertainment that will transform beloved characters into robotic versions of their iconic characters. If we had to put a name on it, let’s call them ‘Humanoids’.



Disney’s progress with development of the robots

The patent for a “soft body robot for human interaction” details that the humanoid joints would be created by a 3D printer and operated by a robot controller.

This is brand new spanking technology Disney is rolling out here. The robot is under two categories. The first as “soft bodied” focused on being a creature that can hug visitors in the park. The second, with the specific intention of “psychical interaction with humans” will be the fluidity in the way it moves and communicates with guests. The plan is for these Humanoids to be remote control driven. It’s yet to be seen if it will be autonomous or under a Disney Staff persons control.

Either way, I can’t wait for the first lawsuit when humanoid Goofy makes a teenage girl feel uncomfortable. Gawrsh!

We are unsure of which lucky characters will be transformed into nuts and bolts, but the first guess is Big Hero 6’s Baymax. Loveably known for hugging and healing his patients, drop him in Tomorrowland, let him roam around and see where the magic goes. Personally, that’s a great one to start off with.

If they do plan on expanding, Mike Wozowski, Pluto, and Eeyore are always the top characters on my list to hug when I walk through those gates.


Disney has always been the flagship company for providing entertainment for all ages, especially children. It won’t be long until these robots are used park-wide, and become another great feature to bring your family to the park and drop a thousand bucks to play with an advanced toaster oven.

I guess this is the first step of the robotic revolution and I’m excited eager to see my parents reaction when I bring my Humanoid girlfriend home for the holidays.

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