Fear Factor Is BACK With Ludacris As Host

Today MTV announced that it has ordered new episodes of the competition series Fear Factor, to be hosted by rapper and guy who’s graphic designer told him that people wouldn’t even notice, Ludacris.


Forget about the fake abs, I will always respect Ludacris for having one of the hottest features in Youtube’s first song to hit a billion views, Baby by Justin Bieber.

Anyways, Fear Factor is back and that is big news. I spent ages 10-15 anxiously watching my television as participants did literally the craziest shit of all time for money. Sitting in tubs of snakes, escaping cars underwater, transferring maggots with their mouth, etc.

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I’m honestly surprised nobody died from the original show, which aired from 2001-2006 with Joe Rogan as host, sporting a full head of hair. Rogan later did a standup bit about how he thought the contestants were absolutely nuts and was shocked most did what he told them to do. “I’m surprised it was even a real show, I showed up to work everyday like, really? What the fuck!”

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The 12-episode revival, premiering Tuesday, May 30 at 10/9c on MTV, will put a new spin on the former NBC reality juggernaut. This time forgoing any skin-crawling, bug-eating challenges in favor of triggering Generation Z by “tapping into visceral fears of today’s anxious youth — such as couch surfing at 300 feet and waterlogging personal cell phones.”

My bet is this becomes just millennial bullshit. Eating a pizza made of maggots and rotten cheese is infinitely scarier than waterlogging your cell phone no matter what generation you are from, but then again, people surprise me everyday and it usually happens over Facebook, which requires a phone.

Each episode will feature eight contestants split amongst four two-person teams, all competing for a cash prize of $50,000.

I sure hope it’s crazy, my gut tells me it’ll be soft, but regardless I’ll be tuning it. Let’s exit with a recap of some of the craziest shit from the original series:

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