Dave Chappelle Joins John Mayer On Stage To Pay Tribute To Charlie Murphy

I didn’t know Chappelle and Mayer were this close of friends, but now there is literally not a duo on this Earth I want to hang out with more.

And I know as soon as you hit play on this video you’ll see the run time. 11 minutes and 24 seconds. But, please trust me, this is worth the watch.

And this is coming from someone who would shrug you off if you tried to show me a 6-second Vine, and if I did watch it there was not a chance it was going to be viewed with the sound on.

But, this. This is worth it.

As I’m sure you know by now Charlie Murphy passed away at the age of 57 following a bout with leukemia and as the comedy/entertainment industries/world in general paid tribute, we waited for his Chappelle’s Show compatriot to chime in.

And on Wednesday night at Value City Arena in Columbus, Ohio Chappelle joined John Mayer onstage as Mayer was preparing for his encore to share a few words about his good friend.

Chappelle then requested that John play a song that reminded him of Charlie and sat quietly on the stage as “You’re Gonna Live Forever In Me” was played before the two said their final thank yous, took bows, and exited from the stage.

Charlie Murphy will forever be remembered for his time on Chappelle’s Show and as an integral part in the greatest sketches in television and comedy history. And this is not one of those moments where someone passes and their impact is consumed by hyperbole, these were as good as they’re being remembered as, if not better.

Rest in peace.

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