I Tried The Starbucks’ Unicorn Frappuccino And It Tastes Like Unicorn Vomit

Earlier this week, Starbucks released the ďUnicorn Frappuccino,Ē which is supposed to be a creamy mango flavored drink that is colored pink and light blue. A†frozen drink changes from sweet to tart as you drink it.

Theyíre also extremely photogenic, I can tell because†theyíre the only thing on my Instagram and Facebook feed since they came out yesterday.


Of course it all sounds very magical, bright colors, unicorns…But when the barista handed me my drink and I took my first sip, I didnít have quite the magical experience I was hoping for.

Although I loved to look at it, the only way to describe how it tastes would be unicorn vomit. It took my friends and I almost 20 minutes to find a way to describe the flavor. Iím certainly no Gordon Ramsey, but I know itís not a good sign if I†taste something and the only word that comes to mind is vomit.


The whipped cream also threw me for a loop. Iím the type of person that starts eating the whipped cream immediately with the bottom of the straw, but this time around there was shimmery pink and blue powder dusted over the whipped cream. I thought it was just a pretty finishing touch, but as it turns out, that powder is actually super sour sugar. It was almost like biting into a lemon.

giphy (7).gif

So, long story short, if you find yourself in Starbucks between now and April 23, you can be like me and order a Unicorn Frappuccino to say that youíve tried it. Or you can save yourself the trouble and order a real coffee.

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