Stephen Colbert Does A Better Alex Jones Than Alex Jones Does Alex Jones

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Today: Stephen Colbert (The Late Show/CBS) takes on Alex Jones with his counterpart character Tuck Buckford.

Ahhhh Alex Jones, the far right, like so far he may be out of his own head, radio host & conspiracy theory sputterer.


I’m not even gonna get into the background of the man who called the Sandy Hook massacre a hoax and just this last weekend surmised that former President Obama’s children are not his own. Anyways…

He is a coarse-voiced piglet who is absolutely bombastic about the opportunity to suck President Trump’s tit. He’s also currently in a custody battle over his three kids.

Now, children should never be the public’s business. But recently, Jones’s ex-wife sued him for custody of their three children on the basis that he’s “not a stable person.”

And wait, during his final video about Sandy Hook, Jones said, “all I know is the official story of Sandy Hook has more holes in it than Swiss cheese” so yeah in his case, kid’s are public business…

In his client’s defense, Jones’s lawyer claimed that his parenting skills cannot be judged by his statements on InfoWars because he’s “playing a character.”

Well, Stephen Colbert plays that character way better, because it’s based on Alex Jones himself, in court, blaming the fact he can’t remember basic details about his kids on the fact that he had “a big bowl of chili for lunch.”

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