The Week of Bizarre Beverages: Clear Coffee is Here and it’s Super Freaky

This whole week has been buzzing with rainbow food and unicorn drinks, and today we’re taking the color of out everything with the introduction of clear coffee to the super saturated market of caffeinated drinks.

Clear. Coffee.



Some European dudes invented CLRCFF, the†solution to the one†negative about†coffee –the fact that over time, it does some damage on your pearly whites. I agree that’s an issue, but I wouldn’t say this is the exact fix we were anticipating.

There are very few adults out there who claim to not drink coffee at all (this Harvard study†says 54 percent of American over the age of 18 drink coffee every day), so there’s a market for an easier way to drink coffee without feeling (or worse, seeing) the negative effects from sippin’ on it all day every day.

But clear coffee is so weird, right? It comes in a bottle so I’m assuming you drink it iced? The caffeine content is obviously high and the beverage is actually brewed with Arabica coffee beans, so it’s not like a Bai5 that claims to be a coffee alternative by using coffee fruit to give you the caffeine you need. It doesn’t use any artificial sweeteners and I would imagine it would be super weird to add half and half or milk to something that is basically just water.

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 12.53.49 PM

I don’t wanna knock it until I try it, but there’s so†much left to the imagination here –it’s literally transparent! Unfortunately, two bottles will run you at around $8 and the product would have to be shipped from overseas. So, unless this trend really takes off and hits the hipster market hard, I don’t think we’ll be hearing about this again for a while. For now just sip your coffee, hot or iced, with a phat straw. And buy some extra Crest White Strips.

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