We Went to The March for Science in Albany and Here’s What We Learned

The people of the Capital District, as well as in over 600 other cities across the country, came out on Earth Day for the March for Science. So myself and the 2BD camera crew took to the the state capital to get a full report on the event.

The March for Science is a rally in response to the Trump administration’s attempt to silence news about scientific advancements and information regarding climate change.

Recent changes in the Environmental Protection Agency, primarily in its leadership, have people worried and afraid for the future of the environment. As one woman’s sign plainly put it, “There is no Planet B.”


The crowd was way larger than expected with at least a thousand people showing up to the rally. Before the march, I had anticipated maybe a couple hundred people at max.

Since the Trump Administration took over, the crowd sizes at protests have increased dramatically.†People of all different ages came out in support of various issues in relation to science, but there was one†overwhelming interest: Climate change.

The highlight of the rally was the interesting people we met (and the dogs, of course).


One woman was very concerned about Monarch butterflies… like very concerned. Another person had is own theory about how to prove climate change, which he explained to us in great detail. Also, there was a man who was collecting bugs with some sort of straw device…We didn’t ask too many questions about that one.

We spoke to a group of 10-year-old girls who were already worried about the effects of global warming. At only 10 years old, they were already more concerned about the environment than the current leader of the EPA.

Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 6.39.30 PM.png

Another highlight was the costumes. It was as if people had been preparing for this rally their entire lives. One woman made her own robot costume, but the winner of best costume is my good friend Albert Einstein:


The overwhelming theme seemed to be disappointment with the current administration and their disregard for climate change. The current leader of the EPA, Scott Pruitt, is an avid climate change denier. In fact, he’s sued the EPA†14 times. FOURTEEN. He also has close ties with the fossil fuel industry. Yet, somehow, he’s the one they put in charge.

Not for nothing, anyone at that march is more qualified to run the EPA than Mr. Pruitt, including the ten-year-old girls. The march proved just how many people care about science and that they are willing to fight against an administration who seems to disregard it.†People are worried and maybe they should be.


Science affects everyone. Climate change effects everyone. The EPA effects everyone. This is something that the people of the Capital District, and all across the country, feel can no longer be ignored or denied.

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