Kendrick Says No Second Album, But There’s More To DAMN. Than We Think!

It’s been a week since Kendrick’s newest project DAMN.†dropped and most of us are still reaching for the fire extinguishers because of how fire it is.

As†if DAMN. wasn’t enough on it’s own, the internet has been busy†addressing the rumors around Kung-Fu Kenny’s newest release and if there could possibly be more!


Many have been reading Kendrick’s comments about the album and theorizing that he was possibly teasing a second album to follow up this one. This rumor started taking off†after a recent Instagram live stream of an album signing this past week. During the stream, he made mention of†”more music”.

The comments in question occur at the 21:05 mark

Fans took this comment and ran with it,†fueling many odd theories like ” Jesus died on Friday (the album released Friday) and was born again on Monday (so the new album is coming Monday)” since it was an Easter weekend release. Others thought it†was going to be another “Untitled Unmastered” B-sides type project.

Yet, King Kendrick took to twitter to calm any false hype regarding the rumors, saying he was referring to TDE†group projects later this year.

However, for those who have been “Humble.” enough to be content with DAMN., the album has been revealing more and more of itself with each listen.†

To make things even more complex, Kendrick spoke recently about the project in detail in a Zane Lowe interview on Beats1 radio. The whole interview is an amazing†look into just how much Kendrick cares about what he does. While he confirms he’s sitting on a lot of music left over from the project, he also shakes things up with a†mysterious answer regarding what the track BLOOD. meant.

“(Laughs) What can I say about that without saying about that?… I don’t even think I can find the wit to tell you about that record, man without telling you about that record”.†



So what does he†mean? While no one knows for sure what to make of Kendrick’s vague response, it may explain why a lot of G.O.O.D Kid Maad City and To Pimp A Butterfly fans are finding the album to be a bit more muddy and all over the place compared to past projects. DAMN.†is an album riddled with subtext, playing on the concepts of parable, dichotomies and, most notably,†time. Particularly, †reversing elements of time†in a lot of the†songs (many samples, beats and lines are used in reverse).

I personally couldn’t†understand this.†Why? To make it sound cool (I mean, it worked!)?

So I tested a†theory. For those who are interested, all I will say is†to pay attention to the tracks BLOOD. and DUCKWORTH. and pay extra attention to the answering machine messages from his uncle regarding Deuteronomy and what it means.†Oh, and LISTEN TO THE TRACK LIST BACKWARDS!!!†People were looking for a second album when Kendrick already gave it to them. One play through leads to Kendrick seeing the light, the other leads to him losing his life.

I could talk about this for days, but it’s all in the music so you’ll just have to listen for it… and listen again in reverse. In the end it tells a happy story and (in reverse) a sad one but it’s all genius from K. Dot!

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