An Acoustic Session With Starley & Her Hit Song, “Call On Me”

We went two buttons deep with our friends at Fly 92.3 & 107.1 The Point at their Listener Lounge featuring Starley.

I didn’t know who Starley was when I was asked to come film, but I showed up out of good faith and it was the best decision I’ve made all month.

Starley is in the midst of celebrating a platinum record, more than 200 million streams on Spotify, and a spot on the Billboard Hot 100 (No. 82 as of the Feb. 18 chart) all thanks to her song “Call On Me.” But at this time last year, the Australian singer would’ve never seen this kind of success coming.


She told her story about being rejected in the music scene in Australia, her home, so she moved to London. In London she experienced the same type of resistance. She wasn’t fit enough, wasn’t good enough, her hair was too big, so she became a songwriter.

She got by as a songwriter, but it came with none of the glory she desired. After years of spiraling downwards into a self-proclaimed depression, she was ready to hang up her music notes for good and pursue becoming a personal trainer. While she was training for that, she wrote a song “Call On Me” out of anger, and just like that, the whole world has now heard her music.

I’m lucky I got to attend this session and meet her, she is a truly gifted musician and I’m excited to watch her career progress. Here is an acoustic session of her hit song, Call On Me.

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