Someone Complained About Sitting Next To This Dog In A Bowtie Because Some People Are Just Awful

After United airlines banned two girls from boarding a flight because their leggings were too “inappropriate,” forcibly dragged a man off the plane, had a passenger bit by a scorpion and also killed the world’s to-be largest rabbit, I figured all airlines would try to stay out of the news from now on…I was wrong.

A black and white dog sporting a pink bow tie is sparking conversation everywhere after NBC political analyst Mark Halperin tweeted a picture of a peculiar passenger.

This sparked some not so political backlash on Twitter, because people were confused why Halperin could be upset he had to share an armrest with this cute canine.


Twitter users responded appropriately, saying how dare he complain about sitting next to such a “dapper” dog. In fact, in my opinion, he should actually be thanking Delta for letting the dog sit near him. I’ve sat with some pretty nasty people on airplanes, and there’s been countless times where I would’ve given anything for this dog.

As it turns out, Halperin liked the dog just as much as we did. He tweeted later

Nice save, Halperin. Nice save.

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